Tesla model 3 12v inverter

Fred Lambert. As we previously reported, Sandy Munro, a manufacturing expert who rose to fame in the Tesla community after his breakdown of an early Model 3, is doing the first teardown of a Model Y. Now the manufacturing expert is getting into the nitty-gritty and showing some of the most impressive improvements made to the Model Y compared to the Model 3. In the latest videos, we can see that they have removed most panels and the interior of the car -revealing the body, powertrain, and wiring architecture of the Model Y.

It enables Tesla to make some significant cost savings by producing those parts in higher volumes, but it also limits the manufacturing improvements that the automaker can make to the electric SUV since it needs to rely on the design of the Model 3 for most of the parts. Now that the interior has been stripped, Munro was able to get a good look at the floorpan and more wiring, which is very similar to the Model 3, but Tesla managed to make some improvements:.

For example, Tesla managed to use the Model 3 floorpan in the SUV by raising the floor with engineered polypropylene EPPwhich resulted in reusing other interior parts for the Model 3, like the seats and entire dashboard, just at a different height. The raised floor is allowing Tesla to have a better wiring architecture and fit some more parts underneath:. One of the most significant improvements that Munro noted is that Tesla changed the long high-voltage wiring system that goes from the inverter to the charge port to pipes Model Y pipes on the left and Model 3 wires on the right :.

Munro says that the main advantage is that the pipes will always fit perfectly during the assembly process and therefore, it should save time during manufacturing. In another video, Munro deep dove into the rear casting of the Model Y, which is by far the most significant change to the body of the Model Y compared to the Model As we previously reported, CEO Elon Musk said that Tesla is moving to an aluminum casting design instead of a series of stamped steel and aluminum pieces for the Model Y body:.

Munro confirmed the change though he actually sees to parts in the back linked together by a bracket:. Nonetheless, he was really impressed by the improvement made to the rear casting and he especially loves the one-piece drop-in trunk. While it would be a significant capital expenditure, due to the kind of volume Model 3 is making, it could be worth it if the cost savings per car is big enough.

FTC: We use income earning auto affiliate links. Subscribe to Electrek on YouTube for exclusive videos and subscribe to the podcast. Be sure to check out our homepage for all the latest news, and follow Electrek on TwitterFacebookand LinkedIn to stay in the loop. Guides Tesla Tesla is a transportation and energy company. It sells vehicles under its 'Tesla Motors' division and stationary battery pack for home, commercial and utility-scale projects under its 'Tesla Energy' division.Some owners may be surprised to learn their car includes a 12v lead-acid battery.

Updated Feb This was not ideal, and in Tesla switched to a separate 12V battery in the Roadster 2. All Tesla vehicles since that time also include a separate 12v battery. The reason for a separate 12v battery is to power critical systems in the event of a high-voltage battery disconnect.

This keeps key systems operational such as emergency blinkers, airbags, seatbelt pre-tensioners, brake booster and a host of other systems. The high-voltage battery might be disconnected due to several rare events — such as a high-impact crash, internal main battery pack problems such as some types of cell failures, a contactor failure, and a few other unlikely situations.

Only a few items are directly powered by the high-voltage battery pack. Tesla ran into a major snag with the introduction of the Model S in The 12v battery was sourced from an American firm, who unbeknownst to Tesla, outsourced the battery to China, and the Chinese company outsourced it to Vietnam! The quality was sub-standard and rarely lasted more than a year.

Tesla switched vendors in and replaced all the marginal batteries in early build cars with a far more reliable battery under warranty. AGM batteries provide more power for size and weight than traditional lead-acid batteries. Deep cycle versions, like those used in Tesla vehicles, are designed to be repetitively charged and discharged.

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If you were to use a typical lead-acid battery in this application, it may only last a few months! AGM batteries are also sealed, which eliminates acid spilling accidents and the need to periodically add water. In new Tesla cars, the 12V battery lasts about years for most owners, although paradoxically, if you put a few miles on the car, it may last as little as years.

When driving, the DC-DC converter helps power the 12v system, and fewer charge cycles occur. A car left sitting, will need more charge cycles, and will age the 12v battery faster. Some Model S owners still have the original battery after 4 years and overmiles of use! The Model 3 is too new to evaluate its battery longevity, but Tesla made considerable changes to the electronics, which may increase battery life as well. Your Tesla maintains power for some key computer systems all the time, so you can disarm the alarm, unlock the car with your FOB or phone for the Model 3and when you enter the car, everything starts up without any pause.

In addition, the cellular connection for remote access needs power. All these systems require power even when the car is not in use.

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Newer cars also use modules that take a bit less power when the car is parked, so that helps. Even the oldest cars should easily get years of 12v battery life, although there can be rare exceptions. Just like ICE cars, sometimes the battery fails prematurely. Often an ICE car goes 3 to 5 years before replacement. When the motor is running, normally the alternator powers all the 12v items in the car and charges the battery.

The primary use of the 12v ICE battery is to start the car, which takes seconds with very high currents. After starting the car, the battery is not really used.My model X has two cigarette lighters.

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One in the dash and one in the trunk. Do they both run through the same 15 amp fuse, or is each one on a separate fuse? Wondering how much I can run. Is it ok to use an inverter on a Tesla? I have a model3 and read somewhere not to use one.

I've got one from my old car but was afraid to try it. I think it is quite safe if you use the inverter off the cigarette lighter sockets, But 15 amps is only enough to run my refrigerator and nothing else. If the other one also has its own fuse it will run 15 amps I can use it for other appliances. Hooking an inverter directly to the 12 volt battery would give more power but might void the warranty.

I have used the cigarette lighter socket to run a medium sized refer chest. I believe it takes slightly under 10 amps at v.


However, it can really drain the available range away overnight and leave you with little range left Very few appliances actually draw 15 amps, but more typically 12 amps or less at v. Ok, 15 amps will blow the fuse. In the conversion to VAC, you should be able to get around W. Not sure any refrigerator can run on so little power. So if you plug an inverter into your cigarette lighter and then connect your mobile charger to the inverter and try to charge the car would it create power so that the car would run forever.

That's better than installing solar panels all over the car or installing generators on the wheels so they charge the car as they spin.

However during a recent storm my brother lost power and took a car battery that was on a trickle charger into the house, hooked up an inverter to it and then wired it to a blower that was built into his fireplace to get warm air circulating in the house. They should be permanently banned for visiting this site. Using 12V lighter sockets to power appliances. Using 12V lighter sockets to power appliances Submitted by plburroughs3 on December 11, Would use an inverter off each one.

Tesla December 11, Tesla December 13, I can see it now future posts from idiots: So if you plug an inverter into your cigarette lighter and then connect your mobile charger to the inverter and try to charge the car would it create power so that the car would run forever. Feel free to flag me above, all! Just nuke it. OP got an answer. Register Login. Back to General. User login Create new account Request new password.I am planning to do some car camping with the MX when it arrives.

It draws an average of 1. I am hoping to get answers to a few question to determine if this will be practical or not.

Model 3 12V system

I will switch to land power whenever it is available but there are many campsites without electricity. Thanks to anyone who can help with these questions. The Main battery charges the 12V battery which supplies the power outlet and other 12 accessories lamps, dash etc.

The 12V battery does not directly start the car, but when it goes dead the doors may not open as they are powered by the 12V system. I don't know the circumstances under which the Main Battery recharges the 12V actually probably Now, if sourced only by the 12V system, that might be a problem. If the Main Battery is recharging the 12 V system during that time, then it's almost invisible.

When the 12 volt battery is dead, the car is dead. Modern electric cars will not boot without 12 volt power to energize the contact or for the traction battery. This is true for hybrids and pure electrics.

Tesla Model 3 Power Conversion System

With 12 volt dead you must access the frunk manually through the towing eye hatch, open frunk, and jump a 12 volt source to the jumper terminals. With anything but a Tesla, you just use a mechanical key to access the car, open the hood or trunk, and attach the 12 volt source. Elon made recovering from this failure mode complicated in order to avoid a mechanical lock.

Thanks for the helpful info thus far. Still looking for answers to at least questions 1 and 2 however. No outlet in the rear. Yes, is powered when in P and when car is on. If there is prolonged inactivity in P, then the car powers off. Not so good news on auto-power down. Thanks for the info. It would be soooooo nice to tap into that huge battery for camping needs but it sounds like I may need to find a different solution.

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tesla model 3 12v inverter

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tesla model 3 12v inverter

Search Advanced…. New posts. Search forums. Model 3 12V system. Thread starter Start date Aug 27, Welcome to Tesla Owners Online, four years young! For a low subscription fee, you will receive access to an ad-free version of TOO. We now offer yearly memberships!

tesla model 3 12v inverter

Did you know we have a YouTube channel that's all about Tesla? Lots of Tesla information, fun, vlogs, product reviews, and a weekly Tesla Owners Online Podcast as well! JavaScript is disabled. For a better experience, please enable JavaScript in your browser before proceeding. Prev 1 2 3 Next. First Prev 2 of 3 Go to page. We've heard first person that the 12v battery is easily accessed. The remaining question is what continuous 12v current the DC-DC converter will support so I know how large of an AC inverter I can add for tailgating, power outage, camping etc.

Which looks like is not very thick. Though A is a safe bet.

Why at least A? Well, outer fan is A. HVAC fan is 20A. Coolant pump 5A, cigarette lighter 15A, Seat heaters 10A each. EAP computer A.

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Wiper motor 10A. Though it doesn't mean Tesla isn't using smart load limitations like BMW doesbut likely not necessary. I would die to see wiring diagram. KarenRei Top-Contributor Sep 23, This only means same body production line and major parts. I still think Model Y will have considerably less wiring. It is possible, it just needs brainpower and lots of integrated microcontrollers, communicating on power lines which is extremely easy, especially on DC.Fred Lambert. The company used this approach from the start when working on the Roadster.

Like what it has been doing with battery cell technology, the automaker saw an opportunity to attach its product to improvements in transistor systems to gradually allow more powerful and efficient powertrains. While the strategy served it well so far, Tesla is moving away from it with its third generation platform and consequently, with the Tesla Model 3. The company will be using new battery cells manufactured at its Gigafactory in Nevada and as it turns out, it also started from a blank sheet for its new inverter architecture.

The company made most of its drive inverter developments working on the Roadster. Every time we can push up the current in the inverter a little bit, we are able to get a little bit higher motor torque and that translate into a little bit faster 0 to 60 time, more responsive acceleration and those sort of things.

The engineer went on to describe how Tesla is using off-the-shelf power electronics for the system:. The method has been satisfactory for Tesla even for its latest inverter models. The latest inverter developed by the company was the unit for its dual motor which was also built on TO packages. Even though they still had to use the off-the-shelf power semiconductor packages, Tesla engineers were still able to make several improvements to the dual motor inverter compared to the one found in the RWD drivetrain, making it more compact and significantly reducing the total of unique parts.

The dual motor inverter architecture, the one for the new smaller front motor, is rated at a peak power capability of over kW. Considering that Tesla now plans to produce as many ascars inthe volume is starting to make more sense for developing custom components for its power electronics.

He specified that this was a minimum for the base model and that higher-end versions of the Model 3 will feature better specs, even its own Ludicrous mode. The day before the unveiling event, we published an exclusive report based on an inside source accurately describing the Model 3 design.

The same source revealed that at the time, Tesla was aiming for the higher-end dual motor AWD version of the Model 3 to achieve a time in under 4 seconds.

6000 Watt Tesla Model S Battery Module Power Inverter 24Vdc to 120/240Vac w/ 60/62.5hz Freq Switch

Our new details on the Model 3 powertrain are in line with these expectations. Pictures courtesy of Tesla and Tesla Motors Club. FTC: We use income earning auto affiliate links.

Subscribe to Electrek on YouTube for exclusive videos and subscribe to the podcast. Be sure to check out our homepage for all the latest news, and follow Electrek on TwitterFacebookand LinkedIn to stay in the loop. Guides Tesla Tesla is a transportation and energy company. It sells vehicles under its 'Tesla Motors' division and stationary battery pack for home, commercial and utility-scale projects under its 'Tesla Energy' division. The Tesla Model 3 is the first vehicle built on Tesla's third-generation platform.After talking to support, I learned that my car won't unlock or start because my Model 3's 12 volt battery died.

Because the 12 volt is connected to the computers, neither my phone nor my key card will open the car. I never received any warnings of problems. The only remotely unusual thing was that I didn't drive it yesterday, the first time I let it sit in the garage for a day since receiving it in mid-January.

I called roadside assistance, and they're going to come tow it to the nearest service center, though I haven't received a call back to confirm when that's happening. Also, if roadside assistance can't jump start the 12 volt, any clues on how will they tow it if my charger is still connected and I can't manually unlock it?

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Was able to open frunk, jump start the volt, and unlock the car. So I had to watch the car get dragged up the flat bed. I thought he misspoke, as I pointed out that there are only 4, of these cars on the road. We have ordered these parts; however, the drive unit is back ordered. We do not have an ETA for the arrival of this part but will update you as soon as we have one. Anybody know what to expect? A ranger would be able to replace the 12v battery on the spot, or at least power the 12v system from the jump point long enough to unlock and put in tow mode.

Worst come to worst, they will have to put the rear wheels on dollies to pull it on the flat bed. Let us know how it turns out. Odd to have the 12V battery fail so soon and without warning. Perhaps thw low voltage DC-DC charger went out? They can unlock the frunk by applying 12v to the wires behind the tow access point in the front bumper.

Unlike other cars Tesla usually will give you a warning long before the 12V battery actually die, Your case is very unusual but like other said all you need it a jump and a new battery. Nothing to worry about or start a forum thread for. Check out this thread on TMC. IF M3 has 12v battery issues after MS' experience, someone needs to string up the engineers in that group : I'm really hoping this is a one off.

I've had 4 EVs none of them a Tesla yet. I don't know why. When I built my electric car a converted Porsche I had the same problem - the 12V battery would die. In my case it was the DC-DC converter not charging the accessory battery correctly. Eventually I added a battery charging circuit that would use the correct 4-level charging cycle.


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