Sony bravia slow wifi

With so many devices offering content, screen sharing between your phone and TV should be a no brainer. Sony makes it easy with built-in Chromecast functionality, but there's also an option to use Miracast to share pictures and videos from your mobile device. Open Screen Mirroring. Open the "Screen Mirroring" tile found in the apps section of the home screen.

Open the Connection Guide. If you're not sure whether your phone is compatible, click the button that says "Is my device supported? Check MiraCast support. Most Wi-Fi enabled devices, including phones, tablets and PCs, should be MiraCast compatible without requiring an additional app, but details vary by device.

Open your phone's settings. Screens having controls are generally found in the settings of your phone or other devices. Select Screen Mirroring. Under the settings in your mobile device, you should find an option for screen sharing, though it may be called something different, such as "Miracast," "Cast Screen" or "Wireless Display. Select your TV. On the list of available devices, find and select the model number for your Sony TV.

Current page: How to set up screen mirroring to your Sony TV from a smartphone. Tom's Guide.

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How to set up screen mirroring to your Sony TV from a smartphone With so many devices offering content, screen sharing between your phone and TV should be a no brainer. Once you've selected the TV, you should be able to start sharing content.

Topics Android.Updated: Sep 18, Is your Sony Android TV slow? So how can you speed up your Smart TV - Well here as some great tips that can help. Android Smart TVs with time tend to get slower that what they used to be initially when you bought them.

Though this sounds frustrating but there are reasons to it. There are always ways you can get the best TV performance and your TV can speed up massively. While we all prefer to go wireless, it can bring a massive difference in your TV performance if you are a regular user of online streaming services like Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, YuppTV, YouTube or any other similar online TV streaming service.

This become even more important if you do no have a stable broadband connection and it keeps dropping connection. Also using a LAN wired connection from broadband router straight to your TV through a LAN cable give an extra internet bandwidth which you might miss out with wifi. Your Smart TV might end up using most of its resources in getting back the connection every time it drops searching all available devices.

Yes we all hate those cables hanging around and it beats the purpose of buying a smart TV but the upside of an extra broadband bandwidth and stable connection might win it over.

Some Samsung smart TV Apps would not work if you disable geographical location settings of your TV as they would cater their services based on your location. Also streaming services like Netflix, Amazon prime, BBC iPlayer, YuppTV etc would restrict some content based on the country where it is viewed due to media rights etc. If you use such TV streaming services then you may want to ignore this step. If you don't then you would realise a significant improvement in your app performance.

Do you have a habit to keep installing TV Apps for the sake of understanding what the app is for. Remember the more apps you have on your TV, the more they will fight for TV resources for regular updates, location tracking etc and most importantly take up TV storage space. Another good practice is to clear cache and data occupied by the installed smart TV Apps. TV Apps do store some cache and cookies based on your usage to provide fast and customized experience based on your TV usage patterns.

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YouTube, Netflix, Amazon prime Video etc hold in your usage patterns to provide a customized and personalized experience. Your Smart TV regularly keeps looking for latest Apps updates available, hence keeping some TV processes busy in the background.

We recommend turning off TV auto updates and checking for updates manually as and when desired. These statistics and information is utilised for research and development, hence is beneficial if you think in social terms. But this again slows down your TV as some TV resources are busy doing this in background. We recommend switching these off for better TV performance.

TV security and restrictions can be found under TV settings.

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We recommend turn off 'Unknown Sources' which will prevent any malicious software to download on your TV which cannot be trusted. These software often end up consuming maximum TV resources and hence need to be blocked.

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This is another check to make sure only authorized android apps are downloaded on your Sony Android TVs. With time we keep installing new apps that are made available through features apps section on smart TV or through Google play store.

We need to understand that while the TV App might be latest in the market to offer certain features, TV hardware and core software might not be fully compatible to support all features. Hence to prevent TV getting slow or in fact prevent abnormal behavior check if your TV model and operating system version is compatible for the TV Apps. We all like easy traversing between different TV apps. We recommend if you are switching from one TV Apps onto another, close the first app through exit button or by pressing 'Back' button multiple times on TV remote control.

Avoid pressing the TV remote 'Home' button to come to TV home screen and then moving to the next app, as this would keep the previous TV app running in background as well. Hence all such running apps will compete for resources slowing down your TV.I've detailed the basic isetup above and it may be that I've missed something out? Can any members please advise where I might be going wrong?

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Go to Solution. Follow these instructions and you should be fine. View solution in original post. Thanks for your reply which worked just fine! Thank you. Wifi direct is used for mobiles, tablets and even PCs to connect directly to the TV - i.

Happy to help by the way. With regard to Sony TV I mentioned in my last reply, we are thinking of updating our present. Took me a sec to figure out the full model number, as JL displays it weirdly. I cant really tell you whether you should buy it, as im a little biased on this as well as i dont know what your requirements are. However lets start with Android itself. There are some people small but significant number who have had or continue to have problems.

Sony is committed to fixing these issues anyhow. However the vast majority experience little to no problem at all. At current, your existing tv is 55". Do you need 65"? As you have said, this is not a 4K model. So, a suggestion is if you dont require 65" save that money and go to a 55" 4K instead. The best thing i can suggest is to read the reviews, especially from people who have the TV - I.

Wifi Direct is the best thing since sliced bread i love mirroring my laptop on my TV without a HDMI cable games seem to run well azwell no lag at all. The remote control locks up and you have to leave it alone for about 30 seconds until it unlocks, this is a nightmare when your playing a racing game like asphalt 8 your car just just keeps going straight until you crash and theres nothing you can do but sit there and watch it happen if you dont play games dont worry about it it doesnt just lock up on games though it locks up in other places to like the tv guide and the google play store but not as often.Please reply back in this thread with your issue.

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Please also list your tv model and all relevent information. After testing all the connections and cables I realised that it was the TV that was at fault.

My touch remote has has also stopped working I am not sure if this is related or just a coinsidense. I have had the TV since last November without any issues up to now. Do you know if there is anything I can try to resolve this issue? I have not been able to install the latest firmware update due to my lack of an Internet connection. The technician came today to replace the main board but could not boot the TV with the new one.

The tv was playing the intro music, like after a factory reset, but there was no picture and he could not load the firmware from the usb. He placed the old one back, so the problem with the ethernet remains. Still trying to figure out a solution.! I am located in Greece so my firmware is 3.

Just had WiFi problem for the first time ever since Sept Last year. TV brought out of standby, using remote. No internet connection. Using the Help diagnostics, it would appear that "Wireless device on TV" was not found.

sony bravia slow wifi

All statuses showing failed. Note: I am currently running with Youview disabled and I have not yet done a factory reset. I have a lot of apps and customisations to reset if I do.

Thanks for the info. I tried a soft reboot first after reading how to do that on another post and that did the trick.

sony bravia slow wifi

Ethernet and Touch Remote now both working again correctly so must have been a related issue. Since the latest firmware update there is a bug where ethernet is randomly not recognised with the tv saying it's not connected but it is and our network is fine, it did glitch a couple of times during ownership of all the tv's we've had of recent, anyway the way that this would be fixed would be to hold down the power button and soft reboot the system, that problem is now cured until the next time.

Yes there is an issue since previous firmware which is not solved with latest, at 5GHz connections. Seems like transmition or receiver sensitivity at 5 GHz is set by drivers in firmware at Low Setting. There is no problem at 2. I usually resolve by soft reboot or placing a wireless repeater closer to TV set. I have a Sony KD43XC, since the latest firmware update 08 March my internet connection to the tv has been dropping out. It will connect intermittently, enough to let it buffer half a program on Netflix or similar but then cuts out.

I have now completed a factory reset which appears to have solved the issue I will come back if it starts again. I don't recall the original firmware but it was manufactured February It was intermittent with that firmware and has not improved after updating to 3.

Seaching for networks rarelt picks up my router although it is only about 14 metres away. I have only had the TV 4 days so I am still finding my way around, but this is certainly a real and major issue.

My mobile phone and internet radio have no problems in the same area. There is no wireless congestion, my router on 2.Sony Android TV on Youtube. Buying a new television is an investment for next years. Basically it all comes down to picture quality being 4K or not, cost that the Android Tv or Smart Tv is on offer, your budget and needs and also the purpose of buying the TV.

sony bravia slow wifi

Too many apps occupying almost all storage on the TV. Wifi connection not stable and drops intermittently. TV Settings not correct as per usage. Android Operating system due for an upgrade. Smart TV apps not updated to resolve known issues and improve performance with new patches. Don't worry. With technology changing every other day, it is realistically impossible to be on toes everytime knowing the latest changes and most importantly what is best for us.

More on Android TV Settings. Posts on Android TV Settings. TV Settings Youtube Playlist. Log Issues with TV Settings. Recommended Posts. Sony Android TV. Chromecast setup and settings for Smart TV. Google Photos review with instructions to use the Android mobile app or iPhone app to save photos and videos with unlimited storage space. Oreo 8.

Latest Android TV Oreo 8. Issues, Updates, Features, Patches and more.The new technology however, has made televisions more like computers and in turn need to be treated and used like computers. If you have noticed your television is getting slow to load, is sluggish moving between apps or the remote control is becoming unresponsive or slow, then you can try one or all!

Screen Mirroring Bravia TV and Notebook with Windows 10

Not many people know this trick. Press the green standby button on the top right of your remote control and keep it pressed down for 10 secondsit will reset your TV and apps, a bit like turning your computer off and on again! Still slow? Try Clearing the Cache! The above 2 processes should reboot your TV and get it working faster, but if all else fails, try a Factory Data reset. This sorts out most software problems, but it does take minutes and you will be required to type in your postcode, find your wifi and go through an auto retune.

Not got an Android TV yet? Check out our website or come in store for more information! You must log in to post a comment. Primary Menu Skip to content. Search for:. Slow Remote? Android TV — The ease and convenience of Apps you would use on your tablet, but on a much bigger screen! Your TV should be up and working as fast as new now. It's only fair to share Like this: Like LoadingKeep in touch and stay productive with Teams and Officeeven when you're working remotely. Learn how to collaborate with Office Tech support scams are an industry-wide issue where scammers trick you into paying for unnecessary technical support services.

You can help protect yourself from scammers by verifying that the contact is a Microsoft Agent or Microsoft Employee and that the phone number is an official Microsoft global customer service number. Check if there are any errors listed in Device Manager:. Expand all the devices and right-click on the drive.

Sony Bravia Android TV Settings Guide: What to Enable, Disable and Tweak

Select Properties and check if the device is working properly under Device Status. Please get back to us with the error. If there are any devices with errors, then update them:. Expand the device with the error and right-click on the drive. Follow the prompted steps and check if the issue is resolved.

Hope this information was helpful and do let us know if you need further assistance.

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We will be glad to assist. Did this solve your problem? Yes No. Sorry this didn't help. Thank you for the quick answer but I wanted a solution wihtout using any cables.

How to Update Software on Samsung Smart TV (Also How to Fix if Update is Greyed Out)

Just screen mirroring like I did it with my phone and onetouch mirroring. I got it to work with sending the media files to the TV but it only shows Pictures and Videos and not the screen itself. I found a way to solve it so now the Screen Mirroring is working out of the box - just by using windows built-in function.

You cannot use the driver form Lenovo, Windows Update nor download manually from Intel site.


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