How tall is vulkan 40k

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how tall is vulkan 40k

Leonard Wood Missouri. Aren't the Primarchs supposed to be as big compared to a Space Marine as Space Marines are to normal humans? I've always used this image as a referance for the size compareson even though Horus is in Terminator armor so it makes him larger then normal.

I'm just curious about wether or not the Traitor Primarchs grew once they became Daemon Princes and how they compared in size to the Loyal Primarchs. Reading, UK. Magnus was supposed to be the biggest of the Primarchs. Alpharius and Omegon were about as tall as a larger Space Marine as their general could pass for them.

I think that image you have is a good representation of Primarch and Astartes. It varies because they have different builds and body types. Though I haven't heard of any of them being shorter than an average space marine, they aren't too much taller either.

The other hand: held out to your brother. Dragons, man. Emprah probably 'round I felt it was a charitable cause. Emperor probably around 9 feet, dreadnoughts at about 14 to 15 feet.

Overland Park, KS. As for primarchs, some stood head and shoulders higher than their sons horus, the wolf king, magnuswhile some I think were about the same size or slightly larger alpharius, probably more. Instagram twitter. Ottawa, ON. Amite, LA. Mr Nobody wrote: Big enough to make humans wet themselves in fear.

Hey look buddy, I'm an engineer; that means I solve problems. Not problems like 'What is beauty? I solve practical problems. A garden grove on Citadel Station. Kasrkai wrote: ft. Are you afraid? What is it you fear?We shall fight wars humanely. Some things should be left in the dark age. Why would I want to be dead? Being alive is fun, all my friends are here! Besides, I tried being dead. He is notable for being a fuckawesome smith, and advancing a civilization from Stone to the Steel Age in a matter of months, as well as being perhaps one of the only likable and bro-tier Primarchs, a trait he shares with Sanguinius and Crusade Era Horus.

He does not pity the Dark Eldar fools who raided his planet. Like all Primarchs, he was dropped on a far-flung planet as an infant, and worked his way to a position of power.

Some Primarchs became powerful by being good at politics and bureaucracy, or by kicking enemy ass. Vulkan did it by being really fucking smart and murdering as many Dark Eldar as he could find with massive hammersboth of which are fine occupations for a Demigod.

He also made some really cool stuff, which the Salamanders have been spending all of their free time trying to find. As Primarchs go, he's more or less tied with Sanguinius as being a shining example of this guyespecially compared to some of them. The only real chink in his moral armor is his out-of-control pyromania.

When he banned the use of Destroyers and other terror weapons within his legion as "too cruel," Ferrus Manus pointed out that burning people to death with flamers, volkite rays, and melta weaponry was hardly that much better. He wasn't wrong, but Vulkan was too busy setting a tank on fire with those boosted flamer-pen rolls to notice.

He is also a Perpetualwhich means that he regenerates from ANY injury, even the ones that actually kill him.

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With enough time, he can return from a death which vaporized him to atomsfind the culprit, and kick his sorry ass from one edge of the galaxy to the other. Konrad Curze found this out the hard way.

He inherited this ability from his fatherwhich implies that the Emperor is a perpetual as well. This can provoke long and passionate debate.

how tall is vulkan 40k

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Spoiler Image. Back to the content 'The Chainsword is coming'. A chainsword is not that hard to make, its just a chainsaw in a partially covered housing. Make a functional one. It's worth noting though, it's likely to be extremely dangerous to the wielder. Chainswords were never really a practical weapon because of all the kickback you're gonna get while trying to cut through things.

I'm doubtful even someone with the strength of a space marine could actually control it, the leverage just isn't there. Maybe a chainknife will be useable to a human, but it's gonna be murder on your wrist cutting even the simplest of things.

Everything i can find puts them at feet tall on average. Anon who asked the height question here, and this one with a reply because I want a notification telling me. Several of the Primarchs were actually bigger than Big E himself.

how tall is vulkan 40k

Most art depicts him to be roughly the same size as, if slightly smaller than, his son Horus. So somewhere in the foot range.

That said, the Emperor has the ability to change his appearance at will, so he could be as large or small as he wanted. How tall is God Emperor of Mankind? If his Primarchs get up to 15 feet, this guy must be huge. A chainsaw is also a god-awful weapon in the first place, it would jam like hell in soft, wet tissue.This message was edited 1 time. Forum Index. Forum adverts like this one are shown to any user who is not logged in. Join us by filling out a tiny 3 field form and you will get your own, free, dakka user account which gives a good range of benefits to you: No adverts like this in the forums anymore.

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Being a part of the oldest wargaming community on the net. If you are already a member then feel free to login now. How tall is the emporer How tall are the primarchs? Basically what are the canon heights for Big E and Sons, too many conflicting reports where Alpharius and Lorgar are only a head or so taller than an Astarte, while A human woman was only up to the waist of Horus.

I always assumed that a primarch would be to an astartes what an astartes is to a human, and the empoerer would be even larger than that.

Human- 6 feet Astartes- feet Primarch - feet? An Astartes is That's a foot and a half over an average adult man. That a human woman on average shorter than a human man was only waist-high to Horus puts him at feet tall.

That's fething huge. However, the Emperor was known to psychically change his shape and size at will, so his true height is unknown. It is best to be a pessimist. You are usually right and, when you're wrong, you're pleasantly surprised.

Cool, I always assumed Mortarion was the tallest at 12ish feet ever since being described as lean muscled and long limbed similar to how a chimpanzee doesn't look to be nearly as strong as it really iswhile some like Dorn, Horus, The Lion and Russ would be 11ish feet but more heavily muscled.

Brother Captain Alexander. Holy Terra.

[Warhammer 40k] How tall are Space Marines?

The universe has many horrors yet to throw at us. This is not the end of our struggle. This is just the beginning of our crusade to save Humanity. Be faithful! Be strong! Be vigilant! In Battle of the Fang the Space Wolves fortress was assaulted by a primarch can't remember which who was described as having the ability to make himself larger at will. I believe the tallest was something like dreadnought sized when he faced off with bjorn.

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Azreal13 wrote: Not that it matters because given the amount of interbreeding that went on with that lot I'm pretty sure the Queen is her own Uncle. Thatguyhsagun wrote: In Battle of the Fang the Space Wolves fortress was assaulted by a primarch can't remember which who was described as having the ability to make himself larger at will.

Thought it was Magnus thanks for clarifying; guess he doesn't count than.Regarding the COV virus and its effects: Things are frustrating, and confusing, and scary.

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People dream up conspiracy theories to help make sense of things. They're not helpful, though, and only serve to make the world more confusing and scarier. We're not going to have that here.

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In my Black Crusade corebook it says 2. When I Google it, I get a lot of different answers, from the same as in the book, to 7' 2. I always thought they were a lot taller than 2. I mean, I know and have met people at about 2m and above here in Norway, both native norwegians and an afro-norwegian.

So it is tall, but not that unnatural So, anyone know? Toms dad New member Banned. Going by the figures so yeah big heads and the rest I'd put SM's at 7ft ish in their socks and 8ft ish in their Power armour. Last edited: Mar 21, Bejazeus Registered User Validated User. There's a lot of discrepancy about this, the novels are also all over the place with descriptiona of space marine height, sometimes they are presented as just very tall humans in the upper six foot range, sometimes they tower over even the tallest human.

What Happened To Vulkan? - 40K Theories

I'd agree with Toms dad in placing them at about the 7 foot range on average, with some individuals being taller, and adding about a foot for power armour.Mortarion was said in two novels to be taller than Horus and Garro has to crane his head back to look at Mortarion. The FW books suggest he was mistaken for one of the Necromanic beings on Barbarus and they were over three times the height of a man.

The blade of his scythe is supposed to be as large as an Astartes which on his miniature at least puts him at around 15 ft tall. Horus was taller than Abaddon and had to have his terminator armour built on mars in unique scales. Abaddon stood head and shoulders above any other marine in the SoH and even he had to look up to speak to Horus and Sanguinius who also knelt to thank the SoH on Murder.

Wait so I might have been right in my first reply! At least regarding the Primarchs, I probably made Space Marines too tall. There's one of Russ where he's standing in front of his Space Wolves and even a Sister of Silence and while you can tell he's taller than them, it doesn't seem by much.

This must surely be artistic style, I imagine? Personally I like the idea of them being at least 15ft tall. It really does make them seem like the demi-god beings I always admired, literally larger than life! Now that you mention it, it'd also be a nightmare forging weapons and armor for beings so huge. Like "Yeah let me just spend twenty years making your left greave". In the book of the drop site massacre ferrus manus is described as being a head taller than vulcan.

Horus is described as being 3. Plenty of artwork, even official artwork, shows marines as skinny little dudes who cannot possibly be jacked up post human giants.

It all depends really.

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I personally prefer the descriptions of the Primarchs as giants. Now I want to see a picture of Roboute fighting some massive Tyranid and have all these Guardsmen scurrying around them looking so small lol.

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Finally some art of Guilliman fighting something other than Death Guard or the cameraman, posing heroically. Warhammer 40k Wiki. Sign In Don't have an account?

Start a Wiki. How Large Were The Primarchs? And, no, Horus knelt in robes to look at Loken in full armour.None can come back as they once were, but in death we are returned to the ash from whence we came to be born anew, our blood and bone bonded with the earth.

Through fire are our remains made protean, through fire and the reunion with earth do we experience rebirth. After death, after our duty is ended, we give ourselves to these elements and in so doing become a part of them. This is the nature of the Circle of Fire. Vulkan was one of the 20 superhuman primarchs and a Perpetual created by the Emperor of Mankind from altered versions of His own DNA to lead his Great Crusade and reunite the scattered peoples of Humanity within the Imperium of Man.

The XVIII th Legioncreated from Vulkan's genome and originally known as the Dragon Warriorswas re-named the Salamanders after the great fire-resistant reptiles native to his volcanic homeworld of Nocturne in memory of the legendary contest between the Emperor and Vulkan that had involved slaying one of those dangerous beasts. The outcome of this contest had revealed the Emperor's identity to Vulkan and restored the Primarch to the Imperium.

Like his genetic father, Vulkan was a Perpetual, a rare Human mutant with the ability to be resurrected from death over and over no matter how much damage his body suffered. Vulkan was able to regenerate fully from any injury, including a death that resulted in his complete disintegration.

During the Great Crusade Vulkan gained a reputation among its participants for his unusual empathy for a primarch towards average Humans as well as his extraordinary ability to craft unique and powerful items of advanced technology. Approximately a thousand standard years after the Horus Heresy, Vulkan hid 9 sacred artefacts he had created around the galaxy for the Salamanders to find, intended as a test to see if they were worthy of his leadership.

He then disappeared, leaving his genetic sons with the message that whenever the Forgefather of the Salamanders had found all nine items, Vulkan would return to lead his Chapter to victory over the enemies of the Imperium in its final days of greatest need, according to the signs foreseen in the Chapter's book of prophecy, the Tome of Fire.

When the Primarchs were first created within the gene-laboratories hidden beneath the Himalayan Mountains on Terrathough the machinations of the Chaos Gods the capsules of the nascent Primarch were scattered across the galaxy.

The Promethean Opus source of much Imperial knowledge of Vulkan tells the tale of how one of these children ended up on the feudal Death World of Nocturne during one of its tumultuous periods known as the Time of Trial. Among the hardy and stoic people of Nocturne, the infant Vulkan had fallen like a blazing comet, and into the home of a "Black-Smiter", - a metal worker by the name N'bel, in the city-settlement of Hesiod - he had been taken as a foster child.

N'bel, recognised the child as the one prophesied to be a saviour by the teachings of the Promethean Cultand named him Vulkan. Like all the Primarchs, Vulkan grew very quickly, reaching full adulthood and a size bigger and more muscular than any man on Nocturne by the age of only three Terran years. He was also highly intelligent, able to vastly improve the already considerable metalworking skills of the famed smiths of Nocturne. Quickly, he had risen in strength and wisdom, embracing the culture which had taken him up, working in his adopted father's forge and hunting the great saurians and other beasts bestirred by the planet's fiery temper, becoming a legendary champion in his world's defence against far more dangerous foes; "Dusk Wraiths" as they were known in Nocturne.

In reality, these creatures were of the most degenerate and vile class of Eldar Slavers Dark Eldarnightmarish beings to whom pain and slaughter were as meat and drink, who sought to prey periodically on the hardy people of Nocturne for their own wicked sport.

The Opus tells that during Vulkan's fourth year, his town was attacked by the Dark Eldarwho were on a slave-taking expedition. The people of his hometown hid, as they usually did when the decadent xenos came raiding, but Vulkan refused to hide.

Armed with only a pair of blacksmith's hammers, he roused the people from hiding and drove back the assault, single-handedly slaying a hundred Dark Eldar warriors. As word of the battle spread, the headsmen of the seven most important settlements on the planet came to pay homage to Vulkan, swearing to forevermore crush their foes rather than hiding from them. Against this threat Vulkan became transformed, and his legend spread across his world. He was the "fire-born" -- an undefeated warrior whose superhuman strength had torn the slave-barges down from the sky and crushed the xenos in droves, and whose granite-like flesh had scorned their poisoned blades unmoved, driving the Dusk Wraiths from Nocturne.

In celebration of the Primarch's victory over the Dark Eldar, a tournament of various contests involving tests of strength and craftsmanship common to the people of Nocturne was held.


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